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Howling Invocations

The Necromancer

by Tommy Concrete

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This is a remixed, remastered & partially rerecorded re-release of Tommy Concretes third solo album. It came out in it's original form in 2010 in a digital format only. Due to computer failure, the original masters were lost and cubase files corrupted.... hence the new improved rescued version, which Tommy feels is much closer to the original vision than the previously released version.


released November 30, 2016

Tommy Concrete - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Mike Sowerby - Drums
Jim Hodge - Backing vocals on Baobhan Sith



all rights reserved


Tommy Concrete Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: I Feel the Power of the Devil

Do you know what you’ve done?
You brought me so much pain
I don’t know if my mind will ever be right again
They say that time is a great healer but I’m not a believer
You know I can’t believe the spell you put on me
I’ve killed so many women in my life
I’ve forgotten their names, their faces
They never meant nothing to me
The truth that pours out of this is my enemy
Even though you took me to Hell
I’d go there once more
Now I want to die and I think I’m going to take you with me
Into this Hell you made, this Hell I’m familiar with
Tell me it’s not the truth
I can tell you one thing, that this for you
I don’t know what this world is coming to
I can’t see no more
I can’t hear no more
One more time
I feel the loneliness
I feel the power of the Devil
He gave you to me and he took you straight away
I don’t know what more to say
Track Name: Bile


On the altar of doom
I spunk in the book of fools
Chanting the spells
the wizard taught me


My soul is a wolf
my flesh begins to change
Allied to none
my deeds block out the sun

Track Name: The Necromancer

Peasants will cower
At the sinister power
Emanating from the tower
That is bleak and dour
Once a year tributes are made
At the gates of the obelisk
Virgin flesh and stolen gold
Home brew and mead

He is the necromancer
Banished from the mages guild
He is the necromancer
Behold his skeleton slaves

Atop the parapet
The necromancer stands
Surveying the village
Filled with fear
From the depths of the Ashland’s
Slayer of the lizard ones
Master of destruction
Wielder of amulets
Track Name: Vargold

When your cities fall,
wolves will hunt you all
As your churches burn,
werewolves will return

The wolf age is nigh
The full moon of Vargold

Mardagayl, Loup-garou, Lycanthropos, Hombre Lobo,
Kurtadam, Vukodlak, Lupo Mannaro, Wulver,
Oik, Libahunt, Farkasember, Vilkatis,
Varulv, Kveld-ulf, Lobisomem, Werewolf

Some humans are sheep,
a few hail the goat
The ones who are wolves
will devour them both

Disproving religion
contradicting science
Oblivious to law
freedom through mayhem

The wolves are calling your name And they’re using my voice
Are you coming quietly or sane It’s your illusion of choice
The wolves are inside your vein You’re understanding their noise
No longer civilised or insane All authority you must destroy
Track Name: Nightmare of Confusion

In the nightmare of confusion
Sick intrusions, evil demons

She put me in a cage, filling me with rage
She didn’t expect my force persuade
I turned her inside out from the dungeon of doubt
I ripped her soul apart absorbed into my black heart
She was a beautiful witch formidable in strength
She tried to lure me in I played along for fun
Her spells did nowt to me she thought she had my soul
I slipped my dagger in her mind it was beautifully timed

In the nightmare of confusion
Sick intrusions, evil demons

Clumsily wielding doom under lord Satan’s eye
Consuming the harlot who dared to mystify
She lay on my altar by her own foolish design
I drank her blood at midnight as the ebony tiger sighed
All of her dark work was in vain those such as I revel in pain
I laughed as she realized she was going to die
Her magic was all drained it now lurked in my veins
I saw in the crystal ball that the skull will devour you all
Track Name: Baobhan Sith

We sat around our fire
Wishing for beautiful girls
The forest granted our dreams
Four gorgeous lassies dressed in green
My foolish friends were mesmerised
They died with lust in their eyes

Away with ye - Baobhan sith
Dance for me - Baobhan sith
Cast your glamour on me - Baobhan sith
Into the glen I flee - Baobhan sith

With claws my friends were torn apart
By women who walked with deers hooves
I hid between our frightened steeds
Protected by the iron in their shoes
Encircling me the vampires screamed
At dawn they fled the grisly scene

Away with ye - Baobhan sith
Dance for me - Baobhan sith
Cast your glamour on me - Baobhan sith
Into the glen I flee - Baobhan sith
Track Name: King of the Four Strings

He was king
of the four strings

Sideburn lover gonna get yer
Rocker roller never forget yer
Out of control every night
Lives in a van don’t give a shite
Rocking steel with the driving wheel
No compromise no lying eyes
Too good for scene the ladies know what I mean
Showed us the way taught us to play

He was king
of the four strings

Cold steel lover out of controller
Motorway man don’t give a damn
Playing gigs since the dawn of time
Heavy metal ain’t a crime
Had more women than you’ve ever seen
Out of his eyes come laser beams
Working men’s clubs and shitty pubs
Lady liars Amplifiers

He was king
of the four strings
Track Name: Lady Dragon

As I approached the cave
I’ve never felt so brave
Amulets and bloody shields are strewn
Beyond the magic lagoon

She holds the secret knowledge
She knows the ancient wisdom
She brings the bestial vision
She is the lady dragon

The night was lit with her flames
My gauntlets caressed her scales
Her eyes dissolved my mind
And then we defied time

She holds the secret knowledge
She knows the ancient wisdom
She brings the bestial vision
She is the lady dragon
Track Name: Stone of Black

The witch put a curse on me
She tried to change my destiny
Her power was all that she knew
Into a dark hell we flew
I’m a wizard with ancient power
Tears will fall this witching hour
Deep within the nightmare wood
Shadows will feast upon her blood

Stone of black
Psychic attack

The merriment of demon song
Caressed the forest all night long
Skeletons played upon their flutes
The crippled thief strummed on his lute
I left the miserable parade
To join humanities charade
And as the sun began to rise
She lay in blood amongst her lies

Stone of black
Psychic attack